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Konnichiwa!! Sorry i'm late >.
Grace, Hizaki, Jasmine, Project, You
i know i haven't been posting much at all..
i started a comunity to see how it worked out,
but i just don't get much info at all..
well, not as much as what i'd like to get
or what anyone else gets at least.
but there is a new forum website
that is in desperate need of members!!!
like anything about japan
if you know people or have met them or even neither!!
tell them about the new japan forums so we can make this fun!!
i haven't come across too many good forums,
so i decided to make one and i really hope it turns out well!!
please view my forum
and join!! ^_^

Phantasmagoria Announcement!
Grace, Hizaki, Jasmine, Project, You

I'm not quite sure yet, but I've recently heard that Phantasmagoria is getting back together!! It'll be some time around 2011 or 2012. It was said that they've announced it in a magazine they were in. Let's hope for the best!! I love Phantasmagoria and I know many of you do to!!

Visual Kei: First
Grace, Hizaki, Jasmine, Project, You
Okay, so i'm new and have no idea how this works... but i'm trying!!
So i've always wanted to make something like this and finally got myself to do it!!
so enjoy!! save it, set it as a background... i dont care what you do with it...
Hope you like!!!